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Bass Drum / Tam – tam

Bass drum Mallets

Bestseller C8 Classic

Handle selection

The Classic series has a longer and thinner shaft, the Epic series is shorter, more robust and with a weight inside the head.

FS Bass drum mallets_shafts II


C1 – sewn felt, smaller, medium hardness

C2 – sewn felt, bigger, medium hardness

C3 – sewn cut leather, smaller, hard

C4 – sewn cut leather, bigger, hard

C5 – faux fur, smaller, soft

C6 – faux fur, bigger, soft

C7 – deer skin around the cork core, light and concrete

C8 – core of solid felt and outer layer of fine timpani felt, medium weight, great for rolls

Epic series C5 and C6, heavy sticks with a deep and powerful sound

FS Bass drum mallets C5 C6 red matt


 Handle - ClassicHandle - Epic
C1 - stitched felt, smaller1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C2 - stitched felt, bigger1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C3 - stitched leather, smaller1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C4 - stitched leather, bigger1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C5 - faux fur, smaller1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C6 - faux fur, bigger1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C7 - cork and deer skin1 pc 50€1 pc 50€
C8 - felt and fine felt1 pc 58€1 pc 58€

Tam tam beaters

Bestseller – G2D Epic

FS Tam Tam mallet G2D

Handles of the beaters are similar to those for bass drum mallets, the design of the heads and total weight can be customized.

Orientation parameters:

fsg-allG1 – Weight 185g, head diameter 105 cm, lenght 38 cm, handle width 18 mm. (Classic)

G2 – Weight 300g, head diameter 125 cm, lenght 39 cm, handle width 20 mm. (Classic)

G3 – Weight 400g, head diameter 150 cm, lenght 39 cm, handle width 20 mm. (Classic)

G2D – Weight 275g, head diameter 130 cm, lenght 33 cm, handle width 26 mm. (Epic)

Custom-made beaters made of wool felt

FS Tam Tam mallets 2020


 Handle - Classic or Epic
G1 - head 10 cm1 pc 54€
G2 - head 12,5 cm1 pc 54€
G3 - head 15,5 cm1 pc 58€
G2D - head 13 cm1 pc 62€
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