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Universal mallets case



Timpani mallets holder/rack

FS mallet ramp measures

FS Tape

fs-tapeFS Tape is a multi-purpose, silicone tape, versatile, breathable and water-resistant, flexible and self-holding without traces of glue. Length 4.5 m, width 2.5 cm. The use is completely universal: wrapping the handles, softening the sound of hard heads, preventing unwanted hardware resonance, protecting the stands from abrasions from adapters, protecting fingers and joints, etc. It is reusable and harmless to health.

Rosin for tambourine

Kalafuna2gFine powder rosin for finger rools on a tambourine. The package contains 2 grams of finely ground, brittle rosin with pieces of larger crystals. Freshly cracked crystals are very dry and prevent the fine powder from hardening due to natural humidity.

Triangle holder

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Universal mallets case1 pc 48€
Mallets holder/ramp1 pc 52€
FS Grip tape1 pc 1,50€
FS rosin for tamburine1 pc 1,50€
Triangle holder1 pc 20€



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