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Drum set / multiperc.



Soft rubber superballs are casted in two head sizes: 30 and 34 mm. Flexible fiberglass stem with knurled tubing for comfortable use and plenty of sound options. They are best suited for timpani, tam-tam, gongs, cymbals, etc. However, for glissandos on vibraphone, we use a slightly harder mixture of rubber and stiffer stem, more info by mail.


 Laminate shaft with rubber sleeve
FS Superball 30 mm1 pc 21 €
FS Superball 34 mm1 pc 25 €
FS Superball 40 mm1 pc 41 €
FS Superball 50 mm1 pc 62 €
FS Superball 60 mm1 pc 82 €

Cymbal sizzles

FS Jazz star sizzles

Leather bases for chains

Chains selection

1 – 3 Ball chains – brass, 4 – 6 Ball chains – nickel, 7 Ball chains with thin rings – brass, 8 Classic chain – old brass, 9 Classic chain with rings – brass, 10 Three stars – short, 11 Three stars – long, 12 Steel wire with rings – brass, 13 Steel wire with rollers – aluminium, 14 Steel wire with spring, 15 Welded chain 16 mm – nickel, 16 Bended chain 18 mm – brass.

FS sizzle set

FS Rock star sizzles

Each set consists of a base and three types of chains of your choice. The picture shows an example – Rock base set with chains No. 3, 6 and 11. Prices of individual chains outside the sets are on request. The length is set to Ride 22 “and can be adjusted on request.

Examples of mounting with a felt ring (part of the set)

FS Colt sizzles

All FS bases for chains have a underside made of smooth leather and with the help of a wheel made of rigid felt you can achieve a firm grip, or full resonance and free movement of the cymbal with a ring under the base. The Colt model has a felt ring glued firmly to the underside and is maximally lightweight.

Diameters of bases

The chains can be freely attached to the eyelets and bushings with carbines, the hook is used to set the length of the chain off the point of mallet stroke on the cymbal, etc. The color design and styling depends on the current offer or can be custom produced.

Effect chimes

FS Effect chimes 1024

Effect chimes are always an original set of unique mini-instruments. Recycled pieces of cymbals and tambourines, rivet crasher, hand-forged aluminum, copper and brass plates, three or more types of jingle bells, removable rattan and bamboo modules, all on a solid steel wire. They can be used as a standalone instrument or an effect according to your own ideas. The strong magnet in the wooden holder adheres well to classic rims and metal hardware parts. Each part has its own specific sound and the use is very varied.


FS sizzle sets+3 chain types of your choiceFS Effect chimeschoice from actual models
Colt sizzle set1 set 25 €Effect chimes - type I1 pc 72 €
Jazz sizzle set1 set 29 €
Rock sizzle set1 set 33 €
Punk sizzle set1 set 37 €



Suspended cymbal mallets

FS SC cymbal mallets

The special SC mallets for suspended cymbals have a rich sound across the dynamic range, almost no contact sound and are suitable for individual strokes and smooth rolls.

SC medium – universal mallets for small and medium size cymbals. Also suitable for medium woodblocks and cowbells.

SC medsoft – mallets for medium and large cymbals. Also suitable for larger woodblocks.

SC soft-hard – The mallets have a harder core and are especially suitable for fast dynamic contrasts and the brilliant sound of cymbals in middle and higher dynamics.


 Rattan handles 40 cm diameter 8 mm
SC - medium1 pair 58 €
SC - medsoft1 pair 58 €
SC - soft-hard1 pair 58 €

Beaters for bass drum


FS beaters are made of quality materials with simple construction and all parts can be replaced.

Materials like 100% wool felt of different stiffness, leather or natural felt ensure long life. Weigh pairing of sets for double-pedals, stainless steel structure of the supporting parts and proven design will ensure quality sound and enjoyment of playing drums. All beaters are on 6 mm wide round steel shaft, 20 cm total lemgth. This is a standard size, applicable to most pedal types.

Felt beater

Classic solid felt beater of medium hardness with BF label.  Weight is 88g. The head is 27 x 50 mm. Balanced sound across dynamic range, versatile use.

Disc-O beaters

Beaters composed of discs of different materials for sound variability, the ability to affect the sound by changing the weight and width of the playing area, etc. Over time, the discs conform to your playing style and angle of beater impact on the playing head, which is not always ideal for various reasons. In the basic design we distinguish three hardness and weight categories.


BDH – is a heavier beater (92 g) with two leather discs in the middle and a outer felt ones for a rich and slap sound. The head has dimensions: 26 x 45 mm.

BDM – with massive extra rigid solid felt in the middle. The rest are colored felts of your choice. 87 g, 26 x 45 mm.

BDS – is composed of discs of medium stiffness and is suitable for smaller bass drums, cajon, etc. 85 g, 26 x 45 mm.


BIGGER Beatery

Despite its usual size, this FSBB beater weighs 90g. Thanks to its large contact surface and soft outer layer made of high-quality synthetic fabric, it produces a cultured deep timbre. At higher dynamics, a sound of hard cork core is pushed through and gives the drum an appropriate attack. Rather, it fits larger drums. The outer layer is renewable, you can handle the exchange yourself. Dimensions of the head approx. 80 x 80 mm.


FS BF1 pc 15 €
FS BDH1 pc 21€
FS BDM1 pc 21€
FS BDS1 pc 21€
FS BS1 pc 21€
FS BB1 pc 23 €
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