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Marimba mallets




In our laboratories the unique FS rubber cores are created exclusively for our mallets. All features such as precise weight, hardness and shape are carefully monitored. Modern technology meets skill, craftsmanship and professional experience in the field. We produce marimba mallet heads in five hardnesses for the Uni model line and in several special designs for the concert and solo performance in the Core, Tone and Solo series.

M serie

FS M series marimba mallets

Medium-weight mallets for a balanced marimba sound, suitable for students and professionals alike. Heads with simple rubber cores in five hardnesses – Soft, Medsoft, Medium, Medhard and Hard. They are wrapped in durable yarn with minimal contact sound. Length 42 cm and weight approximately 37 g with a rattan shaft – 9 mm in diameter. In addition to rattan, there are also birch or beech stems to choose from. The color of the wrap is always white, you can choose the colors of the stitching in the swatches below.


Uni serie


The Uni series is the basic line of classic one-tone mallets. There are five hardnesses of rubber core to choose from: Soft, MedSoft, Medium, MedHard and Hard. Universal character is supported by synthetic wrap of polyamide in colors of your choice. With a narrowing of the eye, they can be used for vibraphone, gongs and congas in multipercussion, etc. With a birch shaft the weight of the mallet is approximately 36 g.


Core serie

Core series mallets are little heavier thanks to the weights inside the core. The heads are smaller, the sound is sharper and the slightly double character gives a specific accent and a soft and responsive piano in all marimba ramge. The outer layer can be a wrap of polyamide in colors of your choice or natural, unbleached, wool yarn with minimal contact sound and nice timbre. Core series is suitable for more active recitation, weighs 38 g / pc (bass variant 46 g). Core series are produced in three hardnesses plus bass and soprano variant. MC – CoreSoft, MedSoft, Medium, MedHard and CoreHard.

Tone serie

Medium heavy heads with double tone effect. Tone MT – SoftHard evolutionarily replaces Doublehard series, delivering a pure tone and natural color to the instrument’s sound by wrapping it in 100% natural unbleached wool. Full but subtle mid-dynamic sound clarifies the onset of a harder core color while playing louder. Mallet weight is 43 g / pc.

Solo Serie

Heavy multilayer mallets with full timbre and concert sound for solo and orchestral performance. The top layer is a wrap of 100% natural unbleached sheep wool. We produce them in three basic hardnesses plus bass and soprano version. MS – BasSoft, MedSoft, Medium, MedHard and SopranHard. Weight of mallet 48 g / pc. BasSoft 55 gr.

Vibraphone mallets

FS V all 2



The hardness of vibraphone mallets are derived from marimba head cores.  Heads are generally smaller and lighter than marimba ones and are slightly conical for easy damping. Vibraphone heads are made in five basic hardnesses: Soft, MedSoft, Medium, MedHard and Hard. The colors of polyamide wrapping are in a colorsampler.

Example of playing with FS vibraphone mallets:

Shafts for marimba and vibraphone mallets

FS Vibes set 050421


Beech shafts are universal choice of long shelf life and durability also in alternative styles of playing such as K. Abe scores etc. Good too for other purposes of use like on gongs, woodblocks, cymbales or multipercussion.


Birch ones are lighter and more flexible so the focal point is closer to the head. Vibrations are soften but shafts are more delicate and liable to damage when alternative styles of playing are applied.

Diameter is 9 mm and are CNC machined by external company for us. After precious turning, sanding, weight pairing and lacquering with mate polyurethane finish are shafts ready to be headed and wrapped. Lenght of mallet is usually 41,5 cm and can be customized until max. length of 42,5 cm.


Flexible rattan shafts are popular and request is still growing for handly selected and paired mallets with typical properities. 9 , 9.5 or 10 mm in diametter to choose from and max. lenght of 42 cm.

Choice of colors for marimba and vibraphone mallets wrapping


UNIShaft - beech, birch rattan
FSM - Soft1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
FSM - MedSoft1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
FSM - Medium1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
FSM - MedHard1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
FSM - Hard1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
COREShaft - beech, birchrattan
FS MC - CoreSoft1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MC - MedSoft1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MC - Medium1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MC - MedHard1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MC - CoreHard1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
TONEShaft - beech, birchrattan
FS MT - SoftHard1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
SOLOShaft - beech, birchrattan
FS MS - BasSoft1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MS - MedSoft1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MS - Medium1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MS - Medhard1 pair 54€1 pair 54€
FS MS - SoloHard1 pair 54€1 pair 54€

FS V seriesShaft - beech, birchrattan
V - Soft1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
V - MedHard1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
V - Medium1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
V - MedHard1 pair 50€1 pair 50€
V - Hard1 pair 50€1 pair 50€

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