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Snare drum / Triangle

Snare drum sticks

Massaranduba and Ash wood

Massaranduba and Ash wood

Concert drumsticks are made in lighter FSD 1 variant with rear balance and lightweight head a FSD 2 with front balance. Each pair is carefully handcrafted by weight, pitch and woodwork, polished and impregnated with hardwax/oil natural lacquer.




15 mm in diameter, length is 40 cm. Diameter of rounded head is 11 mm for both models. This lighter version (usually around 65 g / pc, massaranduba and 45 g / pc Ash wood), by the tapering profile have ballance point in the back of the stick and serves as a universal right sticks for complex rudimental figures.


16 mm in diameter. They are balanced to center area of stick, weight around  55 g / pc (Ash wood). Stick has a good response abbility to the snares, even in low dynamic perfections. Good for long loud rolls, finished with hardwax/oil lacuer. Round tip is hardened and stabilized with epoxy resin.

fs-shakerovkyShaker mallets

Alternative Shaker sticks are 36 cm long and have a 2 cm in diameter. The base is resistant dural tube, used in aircraft modeling. One end is a plastic (PVC), other one wrapped in brushed leather cut to play on the timpani heads, cymbals, etc. Sticks are filled with tiny beads of hepatit, which shakes according to add or remove possibility. These ones are suitable for alternative ways of play in all kinds of percussion instruments such as Drum set, multipercussion or in orchestral playing (passages from West Side Story).


The D4 drumsticks have a teardrop-shaped head and the center of gravity is shifted more to the rear thanks to the extended handle. They are designed especially for loud passages with fresh and light sound without deep instrument frequencies. The Ash version weighs 50 – 53g and has 18mm at the widest point.


Hornbeam D5 is a lightweight variant of large rudimentary drumsticks. Head diameter is 20 mm and weight is 65 g.


 MassarandubaAsh woodDural/plasticHornbeam
FS D1 1 pair 39€1 pair 31€XX
FS D2 X1 pair 35€XX
FS D3 - shaker sticksXX1 pair 35€X
FS D4X1 pair 39€X1 pair 39€
FS D5XXX1 pair 39€



fsi-34Stainless Steel

FS triangle mallets are made of stainless steel in diameters 3, 4, 5 mm, marked as I3, I4, I5. The handle can be designed as plastic tubes with notches or with several layers of non-slip rubber paint. The total length is 22 cm. Mallets are very hard and have a brilliant high sound. They are useful when playing in the lower and middle dynamics, while the strong playing could leave a traces of use on a instrument surface. Length adjustment and other diameters of stainless steel mallets are available on request.

Iron log marked I6 with a diameter of 6mm, or I7 8mm on flexible 4 mm shaft is the perfect universal choice for most orchestral parts, where the triangle sound shines through the whole mass of the orchestra. 6 mm smaller version offers a wide dynamic range and precise control of iron head in technically complex parts. Larger 8mm head has a sufficient mass of material to bring out a loud sound instantly even from wider diameter log triangles. Fast crescendo, compact and powerful sound in ff, full and ringing at p.


fsi-7Iron/ 2mm stainless steel wire

Our speciality in development is a variation of 8 mm wide iron tube on a 2mm stainless steel wire – I8. Iron tube has only 1 mm thickness so the total weight is not such as big. Large diameter makes it easier to handle during long roll passages. Iron tube and stainless steel wire are not connected directly, but is molded by flexible rubber. This solution gives enough freedom to the full resonance of the instrument and 2 mm flexible stainless steel shaft with a handle sealed in black plastic coat improoves the think. Manufacturing of this special mallet is more complex, and perfecting the production process we are still working on it.

fsi10Brass threaded head I9 and I10

Head of biggest caliber of FS triangel sticks is 9x38mm (I9) a 10x50mm (I10). Total length was extended to 23 cm and 4 mm laminate shaft with notched plastic tube and rubber paint for good grip and flexibility. Conical shape enables smooth transit to higher dynamics, give a lot of sound color possibilities, sudden changes of intensity even on big instruments. CNC turned, than handly polished threaded head from brass saves surface of  the instrument and is compatibile with threads of laminate glockenspiel mallets with brass heads.


 Shafts with rubber paint or notched plastic tube



 Stainless steelLaminate/iron or brassSteel/Iron 
FSI 3 - 3 mm1 pc 13€XXX
FSI 4 - 4 mm1 pc 13€XXX
FSI 5 - 5 mm1 pc 13€XXX
FSI 6 - 6 x 1 mmX1 pc 14€XX
FSI 7 - 8 x 2 mmX1 pc 14€XX
FSI 8 - 8 x 1 mmXX1 pc 17€X
FSI 9 - 9 x 38 mmXXX1 pc 23€
FSI 10 - 10 x 50 mmXXX1 pc 23€
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