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Xylophone / Glockenspiel

Xylophone mallets


Heads are made from special rubber in two sizes X1 and X2 and in two basic hardnesses Medium and MedHard. Harder exotic wood heads FSX Hard with brillant sound are also avaiable.


Head types

FSXHard1FSX Hard

Heads are 25mm in diameter and are maked from hard Wenge wood. They are harder and heavier than rubber ones and naturally brilliant timbre is preferred by most orchestral players. They are best from pp to f. Louder dynamics should be performed with care of wooden bars, the FSX2 MedHard or FSX1+ MedHard are good for theese dynamics.

fs-xyloFSX1 Medium

Head with 24 mm diameter made from hard rubber is equivalent of the hardest marimba mallets and are best suited for practising or accompaniment. The hardness of the heads material is chosen so that the mallets are applicable to the entire range of instrument, but do not worsen the practising with sharp frequencies. Their sound has more flapping character and in the lower scale of the instrument pleasantly prolongs tone reverberation.

FSX1 MedHard

Head with 24 mm diametter is made of very hard rubber. The hardness of theese material is somewhere between the hard rubber and soft plastic. The sound is approaching classical sharp wooden tone commonly used hard sticks and universal usage can be performed on entire scale of the instrument.

fsx2-all-800FSX2 Medium and MedHard

Bigger variant of FSX1 model with 30mm in diameter. They’re best for orchestral playing, where the better audibility is needed. Due to the bigger size of heads xylophone bars can completely resonate with all mid frequencies and clear fundamental.

FSX1+ a FSX2+

Heavier variants of MedHard hardness. Head is 24mm  FSX1+ and 30mm FSX2+ in diameter. Heads are made with metal insert as a weight. Full spectrum in lower dynamics and clear fundamental also at upper octave of instrument.


Shafts for xylophone mallets



Shafts for xylophone mallets are mostly maked from rattan. 7-8 mm in diameter and 36 cm length (can be customized). Beech or birch or laminate shafts are also avaiable.





 Shaft - beechrattan
FSX 1 - Medium1 pair 29€1 pair 35€
FSX 1 - MedHard1 pair 29€1 pair 35€
FSX 1+ - MedHard1 pair 35€1 pair 39€
FSX 2 - Medium1 pair 29€1 pair 35€
FSX 2 - MedHard1 pair 29€1 pair 35€
FSX 2+ - MedHard1 pair 35€1 pair 39€
FSX - Hard Wood1 pair 35€1 pair 39€

Glockenspiel mallets



Polyurethane heads are manufactured in two sizes , Z1 24mm and Z2 30mm . Mostly glued on 8mm wide lacquered beech shaft or on a white peeled 9mm rattan with three layers of matte polyurethane lacquer. Heads produce a full sound without excessive highest frequencies and can be used with caution even on xylophone.

Polyurethane with insert

Polyurethane heads Z1+ 24mm with brass inserts produces clear fundamental and are ideal for orchestral playing. Longer reverberation time and smooth tone over all playing range. They are best for loud dynamics.



Nylon , round head of 24mm diameter Z3 is the traditional material for the glockenspiel mallets. Very hard, staccato-like character sound, applicable to the entire range of the instrument. Best for pp – f dynamics. Mallets are made with 4 mm wide laminate shaft with sealed sleeve. Length is 36 cm and a width  6-7 mm at the point of handling. Rattan or wooden handleare also avaiable.

FSZ 3Brass

Classic brass beads with thread (for the possibility of exchange) ,in the diameters:  Z4 10mm ,Z5 13 mm and Z6 15mm. These precision CNC machined heads are attached mostly on 4 mm fiberglass shaft with sealed sleeve on the handle with a length of 36 cm and a width of 6-7 mm at the point of handling.



Laminate shaft with shaped sleeve



 Shaft - laminate beechrattan
FSZ 1 - plastic 24 mm1 pair 35€1 pair 29€1 pair 35€
FSZ1+ - plastic with brass insert 24 mmX1 pair 35€1 pair 39€
FSZ 2 - plastic 30 mm1 pair 35€1 pair 29€1 pair 35€
FSZ32 - silon 24 mm1 pair 35€XX
FSZ 4 - brass 10 mm1 pair 39€XX
FSZ 5 - brass 13 mm1 pair 39€XX
FSZ 6 - brass 15 mm1 pair 39€XX

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